Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Princess Of Essex 2012


Beauty pageants are taking the modelling industry by storm! It’s no longer about size zeros and peer pressure…Pageants require their contestants to have a good heart, to be a good role model, demonstrate willingness to raise money for charity and to raise awareness for important causes.
Beauty on the inside, counts far more, than beauty on the outside. 
That’s why we are looking for the Princess of Essex! 
This is a NON-PROFIT event…and every penny raised through ticket sales, entry fees, money raised etc, will go directly to the three charities the Princess of Essex Beauty Pageant will be supporting; Headway (registered charity no. 1025852) and Rainbow Child Foundation (registered charity No. 42369857). The Princess f Essex beauty Pageant aims to bring the community together with a memorable event, raise money for charity, and find good role models in our local girls, and we shall proudly crown the best role model The Princess of Essex 2012.
This event will be run and choreographed by TV Personality, Danni Mannix, the current Face of South England, and her wonderful team. Danni has a lot of experience in the industry and will be there to support you running up to and during the event. 

This prestigious event will be fantastic experience for everyone, whether you have pageant/modelling experience or not! If you are considering a career in modelling, performing or charity work, this is great experience, OR, if you simply want a confidence boost and a fun day out! PLUS, what other pageant will you find that DOES NOT require sponsorship J Also, this event will be perfect for networking and building your portfolio, as you will all have many photograph opportunities! The event will have amazing press coverage before and during the competition! The winner will have many publicity opportunities for local newspapers, which will benefit your portfolio.
There will be model scouts in the audience, so show yourself off! 

  • v    Our surprise judges will have criteria and will mark you individually.
  • v    There will be an evening gown round and a party dress round. You will be judged on how the dresses suit you.
  • v    You are a Princess remember, so hold yourself like one! You will be judged on posture, elegance and most importantly, PERSONALITY.
  • v    Each of you will be expected to raise money for charity (minimum £50). This can be done by providing a cake sale, a sponsored event, a no uniform/work clothes day, or simply getting family& friends to donate ETC!
  • v    The contestant, who raises the most money for charity, will receive 10 points. The contestant, who raises the 2nd highest amount, will gain 9 points…and so on. These extra points could determine your final score! During the interval, you will all present a (shared) cheque to our charity representatives.
  • v    I cannot stress enough how it is all about PERSONALITY! Hence why the charity element of this competition is so important. 

  • vThe winner will receive a makeover and photoshoot with a surprise celebrity photographer at a luxurious location worth £500. The winner will also receive a crown, a Princess of Essex sash, a bottle of champagne and a bouquet of flowers.
  • v3 contestants will be given the titles 1st, 2nd and 3rd with complimentary sashes and gifts.
  • vAll contestants will receive complementary goodie bags with lovely surprises.
  • v All contestants will have the opportunity for individual professional photographs, perfect for building your portfolio.

v Entry fee is £25. This will go to the supporting charities.
v As this is a NON- PROFIT event, sponsorship is NOT required.
v There are no age limit requirements, but you must be 16 or over to enter.
v You must show willingness to be a good role model.
v You are expected to raise a minimum of £50 for charity, as our contestants must be good members of the community.
v You must be courteous and co-operative throughout the event.
v You must inform the team of ANY health issues before the event. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon,
Lots of love,
The Princess of Essex Team xxx

This event has copyright agreements and is owned solely by Danni Mannix